Barber Services


Skilled Barber

We provide a full range of grooming services for men at our salon in Stirling.
Sarah is our resident barber who has over 30 years experience working in the hair industry and has a Senior State Registered Barber Certificate.

Sarah works on an appointment basis which makes it easier for customers to plan their day and not have to wait around in long queues! Appointments can be made via her social media barber page.

Look your best

Whether you have a date or a job interview coming up, you can count on our skilled barber to give you a clean and fresh look. From classic to modern cuts, you can choose a style that reflects your personality. 

Our barber is always happy to offer advice on the right style and cut.  

She offers:


  • Fades and tapers
  • Cuts and styles
  • Neck shaves
  • Beard and moustache trims
  • Scalp massage with invigorating tonic
  • Full range of specialised Keramen gents products






Beard Line Up


Full Beard


Gents Wash & Cut


Boys Cut (upto 16yrs)


Tonic Massage (Includes Wash & Cut) (50 Mins)


If you like to be pampered treat yourself to the scalp tonic massage, infused with selected herbs to calm and revitalise your senses.


Consultation Required

Do you need a trim? Call Sublime Hairdressing for
men’s grooming services.